Welcome to Bhava Shala.

A Community Space for Connection.

Our intention with this space is to offer a gathering spot to share mindful practices and activities that foster connection as a community and village. 

We offer weekly gatherings to practice Yoga and meditation,opportunities to gather and have conversations, dance and be inspired. This space can be rented for special use, a workshop, a film preview, an acoustic performance, a community dance class or a sacred gathering. These are just a few ideas and options. 

We ask that all who use the space keep the intention that how we nourish our community is the way in which it grows. If we foster joy, gratitude, connection and compassion through the act of sharing and offering our gifts then we set the course for growing a healthy community.

Please join us here anytime.



Owner & Manager

Jagoe Warren RYT, CMT, NSCA-CPT, RN